Not In Vain

by dark phenomenon

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The brand new single accompanied by an exclusive B-side and remixes.


released August 3, 2016

All songs written by Roman Radchenko
All arrangements by Roman Radchenko
All guitars by Roman Radchenko
Vocals and backing vocals: Roman Radchenko
Vocals recorded at FreeWind studios, Krasnodar City
Programming by Roman Radchenko
Mixed by Roman Radchenko except Not In Vain (Call Me Snake remix) mixed by Stanislav Semchenkov
Mastered by Pavel Zolin except Not In Vain (Call Me Snake remix) mastered by Stanislav Semchenkov and Not In Vain (extended dance version) mastered by Roman Radchenko
Produced by Roman Radchenko
Artwork and photos by Roman Radchenko and Selina Iris



all rights reserved


Dark Phenomenon город Краснодар, Russian Federation

Long live bright scene. listen to Dark Phenomenon.

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Track Name: 01 - Dark Phenomenon - Not In Vain
I spent my life in the five-floor buildings
Don’t wait for love, do not wait for greetings
I built my life in the right order
I just feel I’m getting older
I thought my days were somewhere near
Without brothers, without sisters
Our life tries to resist us
It’s clear my prayer is full of fear
One day we’ll sit on the one way train
As I hope my life is not in vain
Days, years fall down on my knees
Rage, age and accessories
Track Name: 02 - Dark Phenomenon - Grey Cargo
Just tell me
How did I wrong?
What was my fault? And was it my fault?
For what? Tears are nothing.
Are you responsible for those you tamed?
Though it's obvious
You don't have to be ashamed
You could just pass me by
I'd like to be alive today
But I was slowly dying
I was choking on my own blood outdoors
The human world around me just ignores it
You didn't even come out of your car
to throw my dead body to the curb
A day later I'm just a bloody blotch on the pavement
Among the tires of the cars
Pay the rent for an apartment
Go to relax somewhere in Turkey or Thailand
Buy a new gadget on credit
Hey you, come on
Vote another scarecrow
Which is the guarantor of the law
Don't forget to buy a purebred kitten
And throw it when shingles or diarrhea starts
Or If it just becomes old or ill-favoured
Surely think about buying a new car
And kiss, kiss your child
Cause you're a man yeah
Cause you're a
It's the rightful state
It's the rightful state
It's the lawful state of sadists and degenerates